Desafios são eventos da comunidade na qual jogadores competem e ganham prêmios por completar um grupo de tarefas relacionadas (ex. "Desafio de ficar em forma", "Parar de fumar"). Desafios podem se encontrar sob a aba Social (link direto)

Desafios podem estar disponíveis para todos (pela Taverna) ou exclusivo à uma guilda ou Grupo. Desafios exclusivos ao grupo não ficam disponíveis a jogadores que não estão no grupo.

Qualquer um pode criar ou participar de um desafio na taverna, seus grupos e/ou guildas que pertencem. Jogadores podem criar qualquer tipo de desafios contendo qualquer tarefa que melhor encaixar com suas necessidades. O criador decide quando o desafio terminar e deve escolhe rum vencedor ao término do desafio.

Usos óbvios

  • Competições públicas
  • Competições relacionas à guilda (leitura, escrita, saúde, etc.)

Usos menos óbvios

  • Usos para salas de aula, como tarefas e leituras
  • Monitarmento de progresso por líderes de grupos locais
  • Tratamento de vícios

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HabitRPG Challenges Tutorial

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Administrando um desafio

Artigo Principal: Administrando um desafio

Para mais informação em como administrar um desafio, incluindo guia em como criar, editar ou fechar um desafio, por favor visite a página Administrando um desafio.

Finding and Browsing Challenges

Social challenges.png

The social tab menu

Challenges are located under the Social tab, located in the top left corner of the website, beside the User and Inventory tabs. Clicking on "Challenges" will bring up a list of challenges that you can participate in (see image below).

The challenges are ordered from newest-oldest, to offer exposure for newly-created challenges. The only exception to this rule are Official Habitica Challenges, which stick to the top of the list, marked with the "Official Challenge" tag. These challenges are designated by a staff member.

Challenges page.png

The challenges page

Filtering Challenges

Filter Challenge.png

Filter options

When you are on the Challenges tab, note the grey box to the left hand side of the list of challenges titled "Filter". The filter box allows you to sort the list in three ways.
  • To see challenges specific to the Tavern, one of your guilds, or your party, select the desired group under the "Groups" filter.
  • Use the "Membership" filter to view all your current challenges, or to find a new challenge you haven't yet joined.
  • The "Ownership" filter will let you display the challenges that you have created or those of which you are not the owner.

The first filter heading is "Groups". Click the "All" button to see all of the available challenges. The Tavern box will be automatically checked. Additionally, the party and guild(s) that you belong to will be listed under "Groups". You can to filter to challenges that are available for a particular group (i.e., the Tavern, meaning the challenge is open to all, or a guild or party, meaning the challenge is only available to members). If a check box is ticked next to a party or guild name, then the challenges from that party or guild will be displayed. If all check boxes are ticked, then the challenges from all those parties and guilds will be displayed, in addition to the Tavern challenges. By clicking "All", you will select all the boxes under Groups, whereby clicking "None" will deselect (or un-tick) all the boxes.

The next heading is "Membership". This section allows you to filter to only the challenges that you are participating in, not participating in, or both. Hence, if you select "Participating", then the list of challenges would only show those challenges that you have already joined. If you have not joined any challenges, you will not see anything listed when "Participating" is selected.

The "Groups" and "Membership" filters work in conjunction with each other. Therefore, if you only want to see Tavern challenges that you have not joined yet, then you would un-tick all other boxes under "Groups" except for "Tavern" and tick the "Not Participating" box under "Membership."

The third filter is "Ownership". This section allows you to see only those challenges that you have created, or only challenges that you have not created. It also works with the other two filters to further refine your search.

Viewing Challenge Details

Challenges member progress.png

Example: One of the guild challenges, with all the participants of this challenge listed at the bottom

To see more information about individual challenges, click on the challenge title link. Details about the challenge will appear, including the challenge description; the Habits, Dailies, To-Dos, and Rewards involved; and the Habitica members that have already joined the challenge (under the "How's Everyone Doing?" section).

To collapse the displayed challenge details, click on any challenge title.

Participant Progress

Challenge member progress pop-up box.png

Showing a challenge participant's progress on challenge tasks

Clicking on a member's username in the "How's Everyone Doing?" section brings up a pop-up box that shows the member's progress on challenge tasks only. None of their personal tasks outside of the challenge will be displayed. In the image to the right, the "Say Hello in Tavern" Daily is greyed out, which means that this member has completed that task.

Note the difference in color of the user-specific tasks in comparison to the main challenge join page. The more orange color of the To-Dos indicates that this member has not completed these tasks for a long time.

This pop-up box can be closed by clicking the grey "x" in the upper right hand corner.

Contacting a Participant

Challenge member contact options.png

Contact options

You can contact a challenge participant by clicking on one of the three boxes in the bottom left hand corner of the pop-up box that appears after you click their username.

  • The headshot button will show your their profile, which shows stats and achievements.
  • The email button will let you send them a private message.
  • The giftbox icon will let you send them a gift. This could be useful in the case of a tie, as the challenge creator might like to award additional gems to a participant other than the challenge winner.

Joining and Participating in Challenges

Challenge megaphone icon in habits.png

The red arrows indicate the megaphone icons that mark a task as part of challenge.

If you decide to join a challenge, click the green "Join" button. The Habits, Dailies, To-Dos, and Rewards of that challenge will be automatically added to your own lists.

Should you accidentally join a challenge, or wish to leave the challenge, return to the challenges page and click the red "Leave" button that has replaced the "Join" button.

Challenge tasks will have a megaphone icon in the upper right corner to distinguish them from your personal tasks, and will be flagged with a specific tag as defined by the creator of the challenge (see challenge tags below).

To participate in the challenges that you have joined, all you have to do is complete the tasks with the megaphone icon.

Editing User Tasks

If a challenge requires participants to add extra notes or checklist items to a task, each participant must edit those tasks in their own Tasks tab. Any edits made to a challenge through the "How's Everyone Doing?" by selecting your username and then opening the task editor will not be saved, despite the presence of a "Save & Close" button. This is to prevent users from editing each other's tasks.

Day of Rest with No Damage

If you need a day of rest and don't want to take damage for unchecked Dailies during a challenge, you can add a checklist to a challenge Daily with one item and tick that item on days when you don't want to do the Daily but don't deserve punishment for it. Streaks are lost, and no XP and GP are gained, but no health is lost.  

Challenge Participant's Permissions

When participating in a challenge, you have a limited amount of options for the tasks in the challenge. A challenge is meant to be accepted "as is" from the creator.

You can make these changes to your own copies of the tasks (the changes do not affect other participants):

  • Add/edit checklists for a challenge task. Currently, other players, including the challenge owner, cannot see the checklist, however this might change in future.
  • Add/edit notes on a challenge task. Other players can view changes made to the Extra Notes section.
  • Assign personal tags to the challenge tasks and/or unassign the challenge's tag. Other players cannot see the added tags.
  • Assign a task alias to the challenge task.
  • Change the tasks' attributes. This only applies to players who have task-based automatic allocation enabled.
  • Edit the streaks on Dailies.

You cannot make any other changes.

When you join a challenge, you should consider any changes that you make to the challenge tasks to be public (the only exception is that other players will never be able to see the names of your own tags). If you leave a challenge and keep the tasks, then they become private and changes you make after that time can not be seen by other players.

Customizing Challenge Tasks

If a player wants to make more changes to challenge tasks than a challenge participant can, the player can join the challenge, then leave the challenge again, choosing the "Keep Tasks" option. The challenge tasks stay in the player's task lists and are no longer connected to the challenge. The player can change them as desired, and delete unwanted tasks. But the player is no longer a challenge participant and can't win the challenge.

If a player wants to both customize the challenge tasks (for example, translate them) and be a challenge participant with a chance to win the challenge, the player can use the same method, but then join the challenge a second time. The player has both the original challenge tasks and their own customized version of the challenge tasks now. The player can now arrange them in pairs, read the customized (for example, translated) task, and check off the original task. If the player doesn't want to check off both versions of a task (and get double benefits and double losses), the customized Dailies should be permanently greyed out (so they don't damage the player's health) and the customized To-Dos deleted when the original To-Dos get done. It may also help to tag the tasks with the same tag so the player can select the original and customized challenge tasks at the same time.

Communicating with Challenge Creator

A player can communicate with the challenge creator by private message. Go to the Challenges page, find the challenge, and click on the creator's name to view their profile, which will have a private message icon at the bottom.

Public messages can also be sent to the challenge creator in the guild that the challenge is associated with; however it is not guaranteed that the creator will see them.

Challenge Tags

Most challenges have a tag specific to that challenge. These challenge tags are purple and include a megaphone icon so you can differentiate between your own tags and those of accepted challenges. By clicking on these challenge tags, you'll see which tasks are related to a particular challenge.

You can also add Habits, Dailies, To-Dos, or Rewards to these challenge tags if you have personal tasks that are related to that challenge's allocated tag. Adding your own tasks to a challenge tag does not make them part of the challenge for others to use or see.

Tags challenges.png

Normal personal tag on far left, followed by a series of challenge tags with one selected on the far right

For example, if you join the challenge highlighted in the image, you could add an extra task under this challenge tag called "Complete the challenge". However, no one else participating in this challenge would see your added task, nor would this task count as being part of the official challenge.

When a challenge is over, the megaphone icon disappears and the tag will look like a regular tag.

Players can Rename Tags, Challenge Creators can not

Once a player has joined a challenge, the tag is under the control of the player. A participant can edit or delete the tag, or use it for other tasks as mentioned above. Challenge tags are basically a method for the participants to filter the challenge tasks for their own task management purposes. A participant might modify the tag to suit themselves (e.g., to highlight a challenge they really care about), or to join two similar challenges under the same tag.

Because of this, challenge owners are unable to change challenge tags once the challenge has been created.

Challenge Tags Remaining after Leaving a Challenge

After a player leaves a challenge, the challenge tag that was associated with it is not deleted and will remain alongside other existing tags. This is deliberately done to allow players who might want to use the challenge tag for their own tasks or who want to leave the challenge tasks in their task lists after they have left the challenge, to be able to do so if they wish. For either case, automatically deleting the challenge tag after leaving a challenge would be inconvenient for the players involved.

If you wish to delete a challenge tag or any other tag, you can do so by clicking "edit" next to your tags and then clicking the trash can icon on the tag.

Sharing a Challenge

Each challenge has a unique identifier that is a string of letters and numbers. The challenge identifier can be found by clicking on the challenge. Then, your browser address bar will contain a URL that looks like this: This is the link that can be used to share your challenge. You can post this link in the Tavern or other public places on Habitica to invite other players to join. (If it is a guild challenge, they will need to join your guild first before joining the challenge.)


The Back to all challenges and Create Challenge buttons

When a player clicks the challenge link, they will see the description and tasks for that challenge only. If they want to return to view all available challenges, they can click the blue "Back to all challenges" button.

Leaving a Challenge


Leaving a challenge

To leave a challenge, click the red "Leave" button. A pop-up window will open, giving you the options to remove the associated tasks, keep them, or cancel.

You can rejoin the challenge if you so choose.

If you leave a challenge but forget to click the option for removing tasks, or if you did select that option but the tasks remain, rejoin the challenge and then leave it again, being careful to select the desired option.

If you leave the challenge and keep the tasks but decide to join the challenge again, you might see both sets of challenge tasks listed. Delete the first set of tasks, as they are no longer linked to the challenge. Only the second set of tasks counts for the challenge.

If, after creating a challenge, you do not want the tasks to remain on your list, but wish to leave the challenge open to others, simply leave the challenge without closing it. The challenge can still be accessed as normal, and you will be able to find it in the "owned" section of the challenge list.

Collecting a Challenge Prize

Challenge award.png

The challenge achievement

When a challenge ends, the challenge creator can select one user as the winner (although there are workarounds for declaring multiple winners). Note that not all participants will win a given challenge, even if they completed all of the challenge requirements. Frequently the challenge runner will select a winner at random from the participants who qualify, but not always. Specifications on how a winner will be selected and whether there will be runner-up winners are generally outlined in the challenge description.

If you are lucky, talented or hard-working enough to be declared the winner of a challenge, the following will happen:

  • You will automatically receive a beautiful achievement badge! All challenge achievements, even those from private guilds or parties, can be proudly displayed on your profile.
  • If the challenge awards a gem prize, they will automatically be added to your gem count.

If a challenge has runner-up winners, they will not automatically receive any rewards -- usually the challenge runner will contact them individually to set up the distribution of the additional reward, either through giving gems as a gift, or through setting up another (semi-private) challenge and declaring the runner up as the winner, so that an achievement badge is awarded.

In the official Take This challenges, there are winners and runners-up who receive gem prizes, but additionally every active participant who meets the minimum requirements are awarded a special Take This armor item, which appears in the participant's Rewards column for 0 GP after the close of the challenge.

Deleting a Challenge Task

To delete tasks from a challenge that has not yet finished, you need to leave the challenge, choosing the "Remove Tasks" option.

To delete tasks from a challenge that has been closed or deleted, look at the megaphone icon on the tasks associated with the challenge. It should appear "broken" — that is, the icon should have a red background behind it to signify that the challenge no longer exists and when you hover over it, it says "Broken Challenge Link". Click the broken megaphone and a white pane will open to ask you whether you want to keep the tasks. Click "Remove Tasks". If the tasks remain, reload the page and they will then disappear.

If the megaphone icon is not "broken", it is likely that the challenge still exists and you are still a participant. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Social > Challenges page.
  2. In the "Filter" box on the left, click the "All" button.
  3. Look through the list of guilds under that button and make sure they are all selected. It is important to tick any checkboxes that aren't yet ticked.
  4. In the "Membership" section under the list of guilds, click the "Participating" radio button.
  5. The right-hand side of the page will now show all challenges that you are participating in. Carefully review them to find the challenge that contains the tasks you want to remove.
  6. Leave that challenge, choosing the "Remove Tasks" option.
  7. If you still cannot find the challenge or the tasks were not removed, you will need to ask an admin for help, and allow the admin to find the challenge tasks without them needing to look at all your private tasks. To do that:
    1. Choose any one task or reward from the challenge (it doesn't matter which one).
    2. Click the pencil icon on the task or reward to open its edit pane.
    3. In the "Extra Notes" field, enter exactly this text: "deletethisone". Copy and paste that text to ensure it is exact. Do not insert spaces. It is important that you use that exact text because an admin will search for it to find the tasks to remove.
    4. You do not need to repeat that for all of the challenge's tasks; when an admin has found one task from the challenge, they can easily find all the others themselves.
    5. From the Habitica website's menu bar, go to Help > Report a Bug which takes you to a guild monitored by admins. Post this message there:
      "I can't delete tasks from a challenge that has ended. I have edited one challenge task to insert 'deletethisone' in its Extra Notes."
    6. An admin will clean up the tasks in a day or two. While you are waiting, it's okay for you to mark any Dailies as completed each day to avoid taking unfair damage from them. Consider the XP and GP you earn from that to be payment for you having to put up with this bug!

Bookmarking with URL

Maybe you simply wanted a method to "bookmark" challenges created by other people to join them later. In that case, you can just bookmark them using the bookmark/favorite function of your browser. See Sharing a Challenge.

Official Habitica Challenges

Artigo Principal: Official Habitica Challenges

Official Habitica challenges are challenges created by Habitica's staff. Because they are placed under the Tavern group, they are site-wide and open to all players. The Official Habitica Challenges page provides a list of all past and present official challenges.

Inappropriate Challenges

If you see a challenge that you believe contains inappropriate material (e.g., offensive content), please email Predefinição:Community Manager Contact to report it (rather than mentioning it in the Tavern).

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