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This Layout Guide is an official guide as to how an in-universe article should be structured. Feel free to discuss the Layout Guide on the talk page.

Title tag


  • Used to alter the appearance of the article's title at the top of a page.
  • Main uses include to italicize the name of a ship or a novel.
  • Do not use this to alter the actual title (ex: Only displaying "Title" instead of "Title (disambiguation)")

Eras tag


{{Eras|Age of the Sea}}
  • This tag inserts symbols in the title bar of the article, to indicate in which era the subject of the article exists in.
  • Symbols may also indicate if the article was a featured article in the past.
  • Is usually included in non-timeless articles such as characters, organizations, vehicles, weapons.

Otheruses or Youmay tags



Another example:

 {{Youmay|the type of [[ship]]|[[The Red Force]]' title"[[Princess(Royal)|Princess]]"}}
  • Generally used when it is possible that a user has found one article when they were actually looking for another of a similar or same name.

Maintenance templates


  • A series of tags used when the article is in need of some sort of maintenance.

Header templates


  • These tags are used to indicate an article's level of canonicity, or if an article is a about a subject from a canceled or future source.

Spoiler tag


  • Spoiler tags on an article alerts a user to any major plot spoilers that come from new sources that are less than a month old


Example (for an article about a Character):

'''The following is a guide for the layout of character pages. Note the Red text gives a description of what goes 
in each section. Where possible, supply the coding: '' <ref name="Insert unique name here"> </ref> '' alongside text
as to where a piece of information came from for future and quick referencing as well as validation of
information. ''' ---- <font color="#FF0000"> Character Pages should be started with a brief encyclopedic description of a character. This
brief description describes the character and who they are, giving a quick hand idea of the character. </font> ==Appearance== <font color="#FF0000"> This describes in detail the overall appearance of the character. The description should
contain notes on important details such as tattoos and personnel item of importance. The description should contain
enough detail to give a reader an idea on what the character looks like without a visual aid, such a picture to help
them. </font> ==Statistics== <font color="#FF0000"> The statistics act as a very brief list of various important and reliant information to this
page. Used mainly as a fast information access source, avoid going into deep details where possible as these should
go else where in the article. </font> *''Japanese Name'': <font color="#FF0000"> What the characters name in Japanese text appears as. </font> *''Romanized Name'': <font color="#FF0000"> This is a literal translation of the text.</font>'' *''English Name'': <font color="#FF0000"> This is where the name, if supplied, is given by the Japanese version
of the series in English text. Also state what other English Dubs may call it. </font> *''Current occupation'': <font color="#FF0000"> the characters current occupation is supplied here. </font> *''Nicknames'': <font color="#FF0000"> any nicknames the character is given during the span of the series. </font> *''Origins'': <font color="#FF0000"> Background details such as hometown + previous occupations are supplied here.
</font> *''Age'': <font color="#FF0000"> If given in a SBS or directly in the manga/anime itself, the name should be written
here. </font> *''Birthday'': <font color="#FF0000"> Again, is supplied give the Birthday of the character. May also contain
details as to why the character has this birthday. </font> *''Height'': <font color="#FF0000"> If supplied, please write the height in its given unit</font> *''Affiliations'': <font color="#FF0000"> Groups the character has been associated with during the storyline. </font> *''Japanese VA'': <font color="#FF0000"> If known,the Japanese Voice Actor should be written here </font> *''English VA'': <font color="#FF0000"> If known the English Voice Actor should be written here. </font> *''First Appearance'': <font color="#FF0000"> The first time the character is seen. Please include both Manga
and Anime appearances. </font> *''Last Appearance'': <font color="#FF0000"> The last time the character is seen. Please include both
Manga and Anime appearances</font> *''Rivals'': <font color="#FF0000"> Any rivals the character has developed in the series. </font> *''Confirmed Relatives'': <font color="#FF0000"> Other characters related to this one </font> *''Dream'': <font color="#FF0000"> Their ambition in life</font> *''Fighting Style'': <font color="#FF0000"> A brief description of how they fight (fists, swords, kicks, etc).
Avoid details about weapons + Devil Fruits used, this is just for HOW they fight nottheir powers and
abilities. </font> *''Devil Fruit'': <font color="#FF0000"> If the user has one, give the name </font> :*''Meaning'': <font color="#FF0000"> The Direct translation from Japanese to English and what it means</font> :*''English Name'': <font color="#FF0000"> What the official English translations use </font> :*''Type'': <font color="#FF0000"> Logia, Paramecia or Zaon</font> :*''Effect'': <font color="#FF0000"> What the ability passed onto the user is. </font> *''Bounty'': <font color="#FF0000"> If this character is given a bounty, please supply it. </font> ==Personality== <font color="#FF0000"> How the characters acts overall, both to his or her environment as well as to other
characters. </font> ==Abilities and Powers== <font color="#FF0000"> Full details on what the character can do, both inside and outside of battles. </font> ===Weapons=== <font color="#FF0000"> Give details on any weapons used and how they are used. </font> ==History== ===Past Story=== <font color="#FF0000"> What the character did before the Storyline began. </font> ===Present Story=== <font color="#FF0000"> Things that have happened since introduced to the Storyline. </font> ===Current Events (Spoilers)=== <font color="#FF0000">Things that have happened in recent chapters. </font> ==Major Battles== <font color="#FF0000"> If possible, supply any details of any major battles the Character took part in and against
who. </font> ==Translation and Dub Issues== <font color="#FF0000"> Explains things about a character that are either lost in translation or are changed in the English versions (the Viz Manga, 4Kids dub, and FUNimation dub). </font> ==Trivia== <font color="#FF0000"> Misc. info that cannot be fitted into the article. </font> ==Related Articles== <font color="#FF0000"> A quicklist of articles related to this one, such as important characters and groups. </font> ==References== <font color="#FF0000"> Contains the Code '''<references/>'''. Any information reference in the article appears here.
</font> ==External Links== <font color="#FF0000"> Sites of relevance to this page. </font> ---- '''At the bottom of every Character page, please supply Categories of which this page falls into such as :''' * '''The characters species ''' * '''Gender''' * '''Fighting style''' * '''Faction''' * '''Occupation''' '''This is for easy finding Via category directories. ''' [[Category:Layouts]]
  • Used to present vital statistics of subject

Opening quote


 {{Quote|I'm Darkness!|Blackbeard|Chapter 441}}
  • An opening quote is welcome for almost any type of article.
  • Quotes can be said by the article's subject, or said by someone else about the article's subject.
  • Do not use links within a quote, unless it is the only mention in the article of a certain subject.

Article body

Example (for an article about a Character):

 '''Luffy''' was... (insert introductory sentence or paragraph)

 ===Early days===

===Meeting Shanks===

 ====Arlong Park====

  • headings and subheadings are usually not required for very small articles.



  • Images should be placed where they are most relevant and should not interrupt the flow or the aesthetics of the article.
  • Placing them immediately underneath a heading or subheading usually works quite well.



 {{Quote|I challenge you to a duel, Luffy!|Usopp after he quits the crew|Chapter 333}}
  • In addition to the introductory quote, further quotes may be used throughout an article.
  • Quotes are usually placed immediately underneath a heading or subheading, though they can also be used between paragraphs.

Non-canon sections


  • Articles are allowed to contain non-canon or Infinities information, provided that it is clearly labeled with the above tags.

Spoiler sections


{{Spoiler|upcoming chapter title}}
  • Articles can contain new spoiler information, provided that it is clearly marked with the above tags.


Example (for an stub about a creature):

  • used at the bottom of the article body when the article is too vague or brief, AND when there is clearly more information that can be added
  • See Template:Stub

Personality and traits


 ==Personality and traits==
  • Used for Character articles, if that type of information is available.


  • Bulleted list of films, novels, comics, cartoons, and computer games that the subject has appeared in
  • These are de facto references or sources, but they are listed separately because they are in-universe
  • Includes even the smallest mentions in dialogue, narration, or visual appearance
  • Should be sorted in order of in-universe chronology


  • SBS
  • One Piece chapters

Notes and references

See also

  • Links to related topics not already linked in article
  • Usually links to Pirate pages.

External links

  • It is called "External links" even if there is currently only one link
  • Links to other unofficial sources, e.g., fan sites, Wikipedia articles


  • Every article should have at least one category
  • Categories should be listed in alphabetical order

Interwiki links

  • Links to other One Piece wikis
  • Interwiki links should be listed in alphabetical order and are placed after an article's categories.
[[Category:Example category]]
[[de:Example German interwiki link]]
[[es:Example Spanish interwiki link]]

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